Dr GW Seifert – a historical perspective

After nearly a lifetime of involvement with the Belmont breed, Dr George Seifert has decided it is time to retire from breeding registered Belmonts.

He has thus sold his entire registered Montpellier Belmont herd to his daughter, Jeanne.

George will still remain active in the Association for a few more years.

George was the principle research scientist responsible for the Beef Breeding Programme at CSIRO Belmont Research Station from 1963 until his early retirement in 1978. George’s research proved that the fertility of the Africander cross line made it the most productive of all the cattle lines at Belmont Research Station. This led to the release of the Africander cross line as the Belmont Red in 1968.
The release of the Belmont Red coincided with a period in which the popularity of the Brahman and its crosses was at its peak. The unconventional Africander cross (Belmont Red) was therefore generally rejected by the traditional cattle industry. During the early 1970’s, George developed a strong personal working relationship with Tom Rudder of the QDPI. Together they started trials on commercial properties to evaluate Belmont Red bulls against all other popular beef breeds. Only then did the Belmont receive some acceptance in the industry.
George established the Breed composition and the regulations for the Belmont Red when they were released. They were then registered as an appendix in the then Australian Africander Breeders Association herd book until ‘Belmont Australia’ the current breed society was established. George is currently a councilor on the Belmont Australia board.

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