Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeanne and Ian, both professionally as a corporate bull buyer and personally for many years. I rarely ever endorse people or products, however I feel very much at ease highly recommending both Jeanne and Ian and their outstanding Belmont Red herd.

Their breeding philosophies, their core values, their unquestionably positive views of the world are uplifting to be around. They will never leave a stone unturned on the pathway to their genetic and personal goals. They challenge each other, as well as their friends and families continuously in their pursuit of reaching their ever-increasing expectations of their cattle and of each other.

The exceptionally high standard of what they expect from their cattle is a credit to them, their absolute faith in the pathway they are on and will continue to follow is inspiring, and it is a pleasure to be part of their truly amazing Belmont Red success story.

Jason Purcell
CPC Allawah Station Stud Manager 2001-2020

We are a family run cattle enterprise base at Marlborough 120km North of Rockhampton and we have a couple of blocks around Biloela and this is our reason for buying Seifert Belmont Reds.

In September 2015 was the first time we went to buy a Seifert Belmont Red bull as we were desperate to fix our fertility issues in our predominantly Brahman herd with a smaller percentage of Droughtmaster breeders. We had crossed angus and ultrablack bulls over the Brahman and Droughtmaster cows which were only capable of a 50% calving. I was never going back to Brahman or Droughtmasters, so the Belmont Reds were bought to take the place of the Brahmans.

The progeny by the Seifert Belmont Reds bulls were outstanding particularly out of the Angus and Ultrablack cows and heifers. Now 90% of our herd is Seifert Belmont Reds over black, or black over Belmont Reds. We have lifted our calving by 35% and shortened our joining period by 6 weeks in the heifers, and by one month in the cows.
The weight gain by this cross has impressed us as well, with the very tops weighing up to 420kg at 15 and 16 months old predominantly raised on coastal country. In ten years, we have gone from a Brahman Droughtmaster herd to 90% Belmont Red and Brangus/Angus only, culling the Brahman and Droughtmasters on low fertility and poor udders and we have halved our mortality rate using our current genetics. Currently we have put Limousin bulls over our Belmont Red cows and are impressed with the progeny.

The EBVs associated with Seifert Belmont Reds goes back to the breeds origin which gives us great confidence in their accuracy when buying their bulls. Since using Seifert Belmont Reds and our current genetics, and becoming a self-replacing herd, we have bought two more properties. If we had kept going down the same old path, we would be borrowing money to continue to buy replacement cows to keep going. Genetics are everything.

Jeanne is a walking encyclopedia on Belmont Reds.
Ian and Jeanne have always been a pleasure to do business with, and we look forward to buying may more bulls from them. Ian and Jeanne are very forward thinkers, and are always looking at the next big project.

Rick and Barbara Bowman
Bowman Cattle Co.

Jeanne Seifert and Ian Stark have set and achieved the highest possible levels of both genetic and practical selection with their Belmont Red cattle herds based on the Western Darling Downs in Queensland.

Jeanne’s disciplined adherence to the latest genetic selection technology is unsurpassed in the cattle breeding industry. Jeanne and Ian submit massive amounts of data to the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) in Armidale. This powerful world class platform has been developed over years to identify and measure a wide range of performance traits in cattle. The result is that performance data on each animal presented for sale by Seifert Belmont Red cattle is backed by a wide range of selection criteria. This can be used by beef industry personnel to select bulls for any number of breeding options. Purchasers are therefore assured that the genetic traits identified in Seifert Belmont Red bulls will be passed onto progeny at known heritability levels.

Ian’s lifetime knowledge of practical cattle breeding is the perfect complement to the performance data presented by Jeanne. Ian has a broad background of breeding not only cattle, but horses and working dogs as well, a true man of the land. In cattle he has the uncanny ability to understand and identify any practical issues such good structure, walking ability, conformation and temperament. These are all attributes which ‘fill the eye’ when presented to cattle men and women.

There is no doubt that the progeny of Seifert Belmont Red bulls have exceptional performance over wide range of Australian conditions. They have been particularly successful in lifting calving percentages and growth in the herds of Northern Australia.

Finally, it is always a pleasure to deal with Jeanne and Ian. They create an atmosphere of spontaneous and infectious camaraderie whenever we meet. I wish them all the best and thank them for the great work they have done to establish the Belmont Red breed to its rightful place in the Australian Beef Cattle Industry.

Peter Schmidt
Alawoona Belmont Reds
Wyandra, Queensland

To my friends Ian and Jeanne

To be able to witness Belmont Red cattle with size, temperament and performance for fertility and weight gains off grass certainly surprised me.

There is no doubt after spending two days with you both at ‘Wonga’, of the complete integrity as Belmont Red breeders in unquestionable.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality,

With my best wishes,

God bless you

(Sir Graham McCamley)

I was introduced to Belmont Red bulls in either 1967 or 1968. I was a foundation student at the Longreach Pastoral College and we had visited the Belmont Research Station at Rockhampton.

As the son of an urban accountant who had decided to try agriculture as a career and I readily admit I didn’t know too much but I was very willing to learn and succeed in agriculture.

After commencing work in 1969 I gained enough experience through jackarooing, head stockman and manager and eventually was appointed as Manager of the vast Alexandria Station in the Northern Territory. A property owned by The North Australian Pastoral Company. Napco. Myself and my wife Robyn spent 23 years in this capacity.

Napco had just commenced a composite breeding program, possibly the first in Australia, in a fairly big way. Breeds involved were first cross Brahman/Shorthorn breeders using Charbray and Belmont Red bulls.
The Belmont Reds were very impressive in fertility, temperament and handled the northern conditions very well. Branding percentages from the Belmonts were in the low nineties and in the Charbrays it was back to the mid seventies.

The composite breeding program was a huge success and high quality composite cattle are still being bred at Alexandria today.
I first visited Seifert Belmont Reds in 2018, and Jeanne Seifert and Ian Stark have taken the breeding of Belmont Reds to an extremely high level. They have changed the conformation of the breed to include depth, length, good leg & bone and a clean sheath and of course temperament. I am of the opinion that they could not have done a better job with this particular breed.

Seifert Belmont Reds have recorded EBV’s for every trait that a commercial breeder would need in a cross-breeding program. They are dedicated to breeding excellent bulls to greatly improve the beef industry in Australia and overseas.
A commercial and/ or stud breeder has the choice of all EBV’s to cover growth, meat & carcass traits, temperament, and fertility.
Seifert Belmont Reds - the articulate stud breeders.

Ross Peatling
Alexandra Station
Jan 1991 - May 2014

We bought some Seifert Belmont Red Paddock Bulls, and used these bulls over a group of aged, cull cows that were all horned, and bad tempered. The cows were every colour, including brindle, stripes, black and baldy, and breed mixes of Santa-Hereford-Angus-Brahman.

Without exception the F1 Belmont Red calves have demonstrated type, temperament and polledness.

The calves are long through the body, broad heads, soft skin, 100% polled and solid red in colour. They are so amiable and quiet - as opposed to their mothers who continue to hide behind the nearest blade of grass!

They are the best calves these cows have ever had.
We are particularly impressed given we simply bought paddock bulls to use over cull cows.

Bonnie Henderson and Peter Williams
Rockybar, Eidsvold