Semen for Sale

We export semen worldwide.

Please contact us with your inquiries regarding our high genetic merit sires to suit your needs.

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Domestic Semen

Bull Image Breedplan Link Sire Dam Straw cost each($)
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI170267 semen for sale at $25/straw SEI170267 SEI130061 SEIFERT 130061 BEL120213 BELMONT 120213 $25/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds RJS180103 semen for sale at $25/straw RJS180103 SEI130061 SEIFERT 130061 COR100017 CORYMBIA 100017 $25/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI180317 semen for sale at $70/straw SEI180317 SEI160089 SEIFERT BELMONTS 160089 SEI140060 SEIFERT 140060 $70/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI190005 semen for sale at $35/straw SEI190005 SEI150301 SEIFERT BELMONTS 150301 SEI160454 SEIFERT BELMONTS 160454 $35/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI190551 semen for sale at $45/straw SEI190551 SEI150143 SEIFERT BELMONTS 150143 SEI160190 SEIFERT BELMONTS 160190 $45/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI210019 semen for sale at $35/straw SEI210019 SEI190005 SEIFERT BELMONTS 190005 (AI) SEI180208 SEIFERT BELMONTS 180208 $35/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI210067 semen for sale at $25/straw SEI210067 COR180010 CORYMBIA 180010 SEI180364 SEIFERT BELMONTS 180364 $25/straw + GST
Seifert Belmont Reds SEI210325 semen for sale at $75/straw SEI210325 SEI190539 SEIFERT BELMONTS 190539 SEI160012 SEIFERT BELMONTS 160012 $75/straw + GST
Bull Image Breedplan Link Straw cost each($)
SEI170267 SEI170267 $25/straw + GST
SEI Logo RJS180103 $25/straw + GST
SEI180317 SEI180317 $70/straw + GST
SEI Logo SEI190005 $35/straw + GST
SEI Logo SEI190551 $45/straw + GST
SEI170267 SEI210019 $35/straw + GST
SEI Logo SEI210067 $25/straw + GST
SEI210325 SEI210325 $75/straw + GST